Harkstede, Hervormde Kerk

Photo by Dick Sanderman

1696: Construction of the organ by Arp Schnitger.

1794: Repairs by Dirk Lohman

1795: New pedal by van Dam

1907: New organ by M. Eertman behind the old front, using part of the old pipework

Two old photos from the interior of the chuch, Year unknown.
Source: http://www.nazatendevries.nl/Artikelen%20en%20Colums/Kerken/Harkstede/De%20grafkerk%20van%20Harkstede.html


Manuaal   Pedaal
Bourdon 16' C-a
Prestant 8'  
Holpijp 8' (S)  
Aeoline 8'  
Octaaf 4'  
Fluit travers 4'  
Quint 3' (S)  
Woudfluit 2' (S)  
Mixtuur III discant (S)  

The stops with (S) contain pipework from Schnitger

Photo by Dick Sanderman